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monday 13 march 2017

Very happy about my first solo exhibition

Friday 17 March 2017, 17:30

Lennox Art Collective

Lennox Head

13 Mar 2017

tuesday 15 november 2016

detail of architecture in an old town.


Lübeck in northern Germany

15 Nov 2016

friday 11 november 2016

Just confirmed: 5 of my photos will be part of a PHOTO EXHIBITION at the Lismore FOX PHOTO DEN. Opening Wednesday 23 November till Sunday 18 December.

Please join me for the opening on Wednesday 23 November from 5pm.

XT119914_tm Dublin mall 20150529_r

“10 past 5 (Where’s Wally)”

11 Nov 2016

thursday 10 november 2016

some more street photography in black & white.


The Mall in Fürth/Germany

10 Nov 2016

tuesday 8 november 2016

doing some street photography in black&white

_xt19534-untitled-edit160626-waiting-bw-20160626_rothers have been here and left their mark …

8 Nov 2016

saturday 15 october 2016

on a little holiday in Emu Park with my bike to recharge the battery


Kinka Beach

15 Oct 2016

saturday 8 october 2016

One Way Street…   An old east German moped in the Frankonian town of Bamberg


8 Oct 2016

thursday 6 october 2016

This is what Nuremberg looks like today – as seen from the Duerer House


6 Oct 2016

monday 3 october 2016

Today is the German National Day – day of unity. Here is a reminder of German history – Nuremberg after the war.



3 Oct 2016

saturday 1 october 2016

Architecture of the old kind – narrow and dingy


as seen in Wetzlar

1 Oct 2016

friday 30 september 2016

Frankfurt is full of architectural surprises and new installations. Here is a photo of ‘The Wave’ – new office buildings with a curvy facade and a monumental curvy public sculpture as part of the development.

_XT18791-the wave-20160606_r

_XT18765-industrial I-20160606_r

30 Sep 2016

wednesday 28 september 2016

It is gallery day. Here is the Neues Museum in Nuremberg


28 Sep 2016

monday 26 september 2016

let’s take a little excursion to the Baltic sea

_XT18393 Holsteiner Seen bw_r

near Eutin

26 Sep 2016

saturday 24 september 2016

If you like travelling by train, I reckon this is the coolest train station I know – Berlin Hauptbahnhof

_XT10141-bahnsteig unten-20160713_r

24 Sep 2016

friday 23 september 2016

here is another complex reflection with several layers of reality

_XT19077_HDR-window layers-20160607_r

at Messe Frankfurt

can you figure out those tree trunks?

23 Sep 2016

tuesday 20 september 2016

puns work in german too. pity they can’t be translated…

_xt18662-spaces-20160605_radvertising minimalist space

20 Sep 2016

monday 19 september 2016

two of my favourite shots from Iserlohn

_XT18042-Is ice cream bw-20160521_rportrait of a family on a saturday morning at the markets

_XT18046-Is figures bw-20160521_rinteraction

19 Sep 2016

sunday 18 september 2016

let’s go shopping in Aachen. New style shopping centre in an old, well established town.

_XT18099_HDR-aquis center-20160524_r

18 Sep 2016

friday 16 september 2016

The latest Ballina Players play told by leg-action !




16 Sep 2016

thursday 15 september 2016

This is a multilayered reflection in Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof (central station). I am sitting on a bench next to the guy reflected in the train window, the woman on the left is walking behind us, the woman on the right is sitting on the next platform viewed through the train. Overall you can see 3 trains in this picture!

_XT19211-train window- 20160607_r

on the platform

15 Sep 2016

wednesday 14 september 2016

“anziehend” – “attractive”


14 Sep 2016

tuesday 13 september 2016

Frankfurter Messe offers many interesting views and optical opportunities



the so called “toaster”

13 Sep 2016

monday 12 september 2016

? iconic/typical/arty ? staircase in a Berlin house in the Hackesche Hinterhöfe


it has something for the eye, but it will always be grubby…

12 Sep 2016

sunday 11 september 2016

a quick visit to the fussgängerzone (pedestrian zone) in Fürth – in my favourite street/black&white setting

_XT19564-untitled-Edit160629-a chat in Fuerth bw-20160629_r

_XT19560-untitled-Edit160629-a chat in Fuerth bw-20160629_r

_XT19568-raeder in Fuerth bw-20160629_r

11 Sep 2016

saturday 10 september 2016

more escalator views from the U-building in Dortmund



10 Sep 2016

friday 9 september 2016

the iconic Dortmunder Union building (formaerly THE Dortmund beer brewery) in the heart of the city was gutted and turned into university space. The architects obviously had their fun doing it and loved escalators in space!



9 Sep 2016

thursday 8 september 2016

and let there be trains in the train station…

_XT10081-untitled-Edit160713-Berlin Hbf lower level trains-20160713_r

_XT10077-untitled-Edit160713-Berlin Hbf lower level-20160713_r

_XT10087-untitled-Edit160713-Berlin Hbf lower level trains-20160713_r

8 Sep 2016

tuesday 6 september 2016

let’s take a trip to Berlin and visit the awesome Hauptbahnhof (central station) with its outstanding modern architecture

_XT10037-Berlin Hbf shopping level-20160713_r

_XT10049-Berlin Hbf tracks hi contrast-20160713_r

_XT10074-Berlin Hbf big space bleached-20160713_r

6 Sep 2016

monday 5 september 2016

boy sitting in a sculpture in the middle of the pedestrian zone in Dortmund, watched by a poster girl and me. Realising that I had noticed him he jumped down from his special seat, took his scooter and drove off


5 Sep 2016

sunday 4 september 2016

here are a few photos from my visit to that cute Leica-town Wetzlar. Unfortunately that was not enough to put one of those cameras into my bag…

_XT18670 Wetzlar 20160605_r

_XT18676 Leica by Fuji 20160605_r

4 Sep 2016