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saturday 3 september 2016

there is a bloody big hole in the ground near Aachen!

_XT30633 big hole 20160726_lg

_XT30638 big hole 20160726_lg

3 Sep 2016

thursday 1 september 2016

more adventures at Frankfurt Messe


_XT18932-inside the maze-20160607_r

1 Sep 2016

wednesday 31 august 2016

let’s have a look at an industrial world  – the Convention Fair Grounds in Frankfurt – Frankfurt Messe

_XT19012-industrial landscape-20160607_r

_XT18964-officewoman II-20160607_r

_XT18970-Halle 4-20160607_r

31 Aug 2016

tuesday 30 august 2016

back to colour , some reflections and industrial design. The world is just simply full of details

_XT18473_HDR boats 20160603_r

_XT18349 Twiete 20160602_px_lg

30 Aug 2016

monday 29 august 2016

standing in the crowd, fiddling with the camera give you good opportunities for people shots because after a while you get just ignored…

_XT18055-Is markt bw-20160521_r

_XT19860-old friends-20160709_r


all pictures taken in Iserlohn on the weekly market

29 Aug 2016

sunday 28 august 2016

there are so many interesting things in so many interesting places

here are some pictures from a converted brewery building in Dortmund

_XT30539-rooftop II-20160721_r



28 Aug 2016

saturday 27 august 2016

Travel means people on the move

see how they move !

_XT19232-ICE platform bw-20160607_r

_XT19141-platform rush-20160607_r


27 Aug 2016

friday 26 august 2016

Back from 3 months away in Germany and the website has been repaired.

So now I can go wild posting the best of the last few months. It will be in no particular order.

I start with the end: Singapore is a crazy new/modern place with charme and kitch, and the only place I know that has “supertrees”

_XT31015 Singapore stone henge 20160802_rStonehenge

_XT31136 new Singapore 20160802_rPalace of Modernity

_XT31064 Singapore fairy tale 20160802_roverwhelming show

26 Aug 2016

tuesday 14 june 2016

some pictures from my trip to Germany coming

Singapore’s world in mirrors

_XT17908-mirror ball-20160513_r

_XT17891-Sin silver balls-20160513_r

14 Jun 2016

wednesday 11 may 2016

I am going away to Germany, so this is the last post from Australia for a while. I hope to be able to post some shots from my travels

in the gallery_r


11 May 2016

friday 6 may 2016

friday – Fins day


6 May 2016

tuesday 3 may 2016

stunning views from the Pinnacle

_XT17739 a mark d 20160406_r

_XT17741 pinnacle 20160406_r

3 May 2016

monday 2 may 2016

health warning: dragons around

_XT17707 health warning 20160406_r

2 May 2016

tuesday 26 april 2016

out and about having a coffee in Nimbin before the Mardi Grass festival

_XT17706 coffee in Nimbin 20160406_r

26 Apr 2016

friday 22 april 2016

I am stoked, one of my images has been accepted/selected for the Stanthorpe Art Prize:

XT119914_tm Dublin mall 20150529_r

10 past 5 – Where’s Wally?

Dublin – Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre

22 Apr 2016

sunday 17 april 2016

with The BayLounge almost gone what is the next project?

_XT17475_running surfer 20160227_r

_XT17473 surfer bw 20160227_r

17 Apr 2016

saturday 16 april 2016

“Best in Show” prize at the Ballina Art Society exhibition at Lennox Head 15-17 April 2016

XT113599 utopia_wp

“Up She Goes” – Clayton-Utz building Sydney 2014 by Rudiger Wasser

16 Apr 2016

tuesday 12 april 2016

white noise

_X109960 dove 20160324_r

_X109992 model 20160324_r

_X100022 twisted 20160324_r

12 Apr 2016

sunday 10 april 2016

more white noise interpretations

_X109944 flight 20160324_r

_X109977 wrapped up 20160324_r

10 Apr 2016

thursday 7 april 2016

in the gallery

_X109993 spectators 20160324_r

_X109983 gallery visitor 20160324_r

7 Apr 2016

friday 1 april 2016

my contributions to the Angus McDonald exhibition White Noise in the Tweed Art Gallery

_X109986 observing 20160324_r

_X100028 layers 20160324_r

_X109999 removed 20160324_r

1 Apr 2016

thursday 24 march 2016

very happy

just picked up 2nd prize in photography at the Byron Arts Classic for “10 past 5” a shot from last june in a mall in Belfast

XT119322_tm Belfast mall_r

24 Mar 2016

friday 18 march 2016

the model

_X109886_the model x 20160227_r

18 Mar 2016

wednesday 16 march 2016

visiting the arts district in Brisbane

_X109892_exit through the gift shop 20160227_r

_X109871_administering the art 20160227_r

16 Mar 2016

tuesday 15 march 2016

playing with colour and colour effects

_XT17470_mothers n kids 20160227_r

_WA06432_chairs yellow 20160227_r

15 Mar 2016

monday 14 march 2016

playing with analog effects

_X109835_cloudy sky analog_r

_X109828_ANALOG projects_r

14 Mar 2016

thursday 10 march 2016

no horse to play with

_WA06268 horsey! 20160217_r

10 Mar 2016

tuesday 8 march 2016

watching TV

_WA06215 what's on tele- 20160217_r

8 Mar 2016

thursday 3 march 2016

the power of architecture

_XT17441 blind-folded 20160223_r

RW3_6652 windows-Edit windows bw_r

window or no window?

3 Mar 2016

wed 2 march 2016

art comes in all sorts of shapes

_WA06325-Edit foam 20160217_r

_WA06396 I-ll show you 20160217_r

_WA06246 figures 20160217_r

2 Mar 2016